Introducing the Ultimate Free.Dating App


Last Dating App You'll Ever Need

We all by now understood the importance of dating and especially how tough it has become in real life. It’s a hard truth. 

Nevertheless, we are here to give you something that you might have not experienced in a free dating application before.

Our Core Features


Browse Singles in your City or State.

Find Single Men & Women by Age, Interests, Religion, Star Sign, Profession, Sports, Lifestyle & So on.


Swipe at Profiles You Like

We know you love SWIPING 🙂

With Free.Dating, you can swipe up to 50 profiles/day. No cost involved.

Just SWIPE it!

Interest Tags

Find and Connect with People who share your common interests as Tags.

Interest Tags are the easiest way to find like-minded personals who can match your expectations.



Give WINKS to the profiles that impress & excite you the most.

Wink is unique in Dating App. If you feel hesitant for a start, WINK can help you ease your pressure.

Message When It Matches

A specially designed MESSAGE BOX opens up when your interest is been accepted from the swiped profile.

Let the good ol' messaging happen.


Free.Dating Mobile App is a 100% Completely Free Dating App. We have all the features that a premium dating app can deliver.

Meanwhile, you can check out Free.Date dating site which is the parent of Free.Dating App.


We are Launching Very Soon.